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Jailbreak Challenge in partnership

with Spirit FM is back!

Sunday, 7th May 2017

What is it: You and your team of 4 will be handcuffed (not locked) and escorted to ‘prison’ but enroute you will escape i.e get dropped off in an unknown location and have to make it back to the hideout as quick as possible.

We also ask you to dress to impress! We’ve had fairies, jailbird chicks, golfers, safari gear, traffic cones, sailors, neon ravers and more!

And all without using your phone for help or any cash – just your wit and powers of persuasion to blag some transport otherwise it will be challenging walk back!

Once you have escaped, you will get a pack with maps and other hints and tips to help you. Spirit will also be presenting live throughout the day, following teams and finding out your progress and listeners will be asked to look out for you and to phone in when they have seen teams or given you some help!

Previously, teams travelled back on buses, trains, a boat, quad bikes, motorbikes, classic cars, police & fire vehicles to name a few. Some walked more than others but they all did so well.


Please note: For safety purposes: one member of the team is asked to bring a phone but we ask you not to use it unless there is an emergency. The support team will be checking in with teams regularly to check your location and also Spirit FM will be interviewing teams.

Where: Starting location and registration is in Chichester, where a coach will be waiting to take teams to prison. And it will be the same starting point where you need to get back too.

Why: We were delighted to raise nearly £7,000 last year for the Sussex Snowdrop Trust, a fantastic local cause and are again supporting them. The charity provides care at home for children with life threatening illnesses providing nurses and financial help for their families. This time, we’d LOVE to raie even more so sign up and help us!

Di Levantine, Co-Founder of Snowdrop said ‘we were so delighted to receive an incredible amount and it made a huge difference to local families. We were able to take 57 of the families we support out for a family day out to a theme park, which made some wonderful memories. These days are unforgettable for the children, their parents and siblings who also have to cope with so much. It’s the chance to all be together and have fun, something they all really look forward to doing.’

After doing this last year and having such a great day, the route is longer this time and more challenging after seeing how well the teams did therefore if you do end up walking, it is quite a distance! And the race is on because due to our success in 2016, we now have two coaches so we can have more teams taking part.

We’ll also have some great prizes on offer; Best Route Back, Best Dressed Team, Fastest Team Back and one for the Last Team Back!

£20 to register per team and you will then receive a fundraising pack
Then, we ask you to raise £200 per team via justgiving before the big day!
Every penny raised from this event will be donated to charity

We’re looking forward to it already!


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